Tulsa Strapback Short-Bill Hat
Tulsa Strapback Short-Bill Hat
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Tulsa Strapback Short-Bill Hat

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Tulsa’s official municipal banner between 1923 and 1941 featured a red circle at the center with the word Tulsa in white, lanky letters. Blue and white beams emanated out (a little too much like Imperial Japan’s “Rising Sun” flag), and on the hoist and fly sides, red arrows with blue outlines pointed toward the Tulsa with the words Unlimited and Opportunity.

 “The design suggests the brashness of early Tulsa as it grew rapidly with the petroleum industry, attracting visitors, settlers, and businesses, loudly proclaiming a bright future for all,” according to the North American Vexillological Association.

 The brazen text treatment of the city's name, how the letters curve to jibe with their rounded boundary, is just too good not to put on a hat.

 We settled on a color-matched embroidered logo on a wool body (always classy, never scratchy) with an unstructured bill, punctuated by a real leather strap-back belt-style closure.

Embroidered in Tulsa.

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