A Voice Was Sounding Vols. 1&2
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A Voice Was Sounding Vols. 1&2

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A new voice is emerging from the middle of the country, one that's fresh, alive, and full of plainspoken appeal. In this collection of stellar writings from America's top journalists, fiction writers, humorists, and poets, readers are invited to explore life and culture of Middle America. With over 40 works of narrative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry, A Voice Was Sounding is a remarkable collection of stories that illuminate the places that many of us fly over, but few of us truly understand.

Featuring: Rivka Galchen, Ben Greenman, Gordon Grice, Ron Padgett, Jeff Martin, Amy Leach, Ginger Strand, Holly Wall, Sarah Brown, Joshua Kline, Natasha Ball, Lee Roy Chapman, and many others.

“A rare example of literary journalism on the community level… The New Yorker with balls.” 

Columbia Journalism Review


“This Land suggests the kind of pioneering spirit that Woody Guthrie would likely approve.”


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