Back to Paradise: A Tulsa Tribute to Okie Music - LP and CD
Back to Paradise: A Tulsa Tribute to Okie Music - LP and CD
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Back to Paradise: A Tulsa Tribute to Okie Music - LP and CD

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In February 2020, a group of Tulsa musicians traveled to Leon Russell’s famed Paradise Studio at Grand Lake to record the first album tracked there since 1978. Tulsan Rick Huskey has spent the last 30 years preserving and restoring the space, honoring its history while preparing for a new chapter. The narrow, winding road one must travel to reach the compound provided time for reflection. Some of the biggest names in the history of music traveled the same path years before. That realization was both inspiring and daunting. Entering the studio for the first time, the musicians were awestruck. Decades later, the vibe is still alive. Seventeen tracks were recorded over the course of four days – mostly live, with very few overdubs. While there was a core group of players throughout the session, a grand total of 20 Tulsa musicians participated in the recording.

The Oklahoma songs chosen for the album represent the famous to the obscure, and everything in-between. This recording honors those who came before and made it possible for Tulsa musicians to have an identity and a music scene today. Thank you to Leon for blazing a trail and building this lake palace. Thank you to all of the Oklahoma musicians over the years who have been role models through their authenticity and spirit of community. This record is dedicated to them. 

Produced by Jason Weinheimer and Them Tulsa Boys
Recorded at Paradise Studio at Grand Lake
Engineered by Jason Weinheimer and Zachariah Reeves
Mixed by Jason Weinheimer
All tracks mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster Mastering
Front cover illustration by Paddy Ryan
Design and layout by Steve Hammons
Photos by Phil Clarkin, Greg Bollinger, and Jesse Aycock


  1. I’ll Make Love To You Anytime (JJ Cale) – PAUL BENJAMAN
  2. Crossing Over (Steve Ripley) – JOHN FULLBRIGHT
  3. Tramp (Lowell Fulson) – BRANJAE
  4. Rock n Roll Gypsies (Gypsy Trips) – JESSE AYCOCK


  1. I Like It (The Gap Band) – CHARLIE REDD & BRIANA WRIGHT
  2. Helluva Deal (Don White) – PAUL BENJAMAN
  3. Black Cherry (Junior Markham) – JESSE AYCOCK
  4. Blind Man (Tom Skinner / Don White) – DUSTIN PITTSLEY


  1. If The Shoe Fits (Leon Russell) – JOHN FULLBRIGHT
  2. I’m On Fire (Dwight Twilley) – SARAH FRICK
  3. Tulsa County (Jesse Ed Davis) – JESSE AYCOCK
  4. Ride Me High (JJ Cale) – PAUL BENJAMAN


  1. I’m Gonna Get To Tulsa (Cliff Beasley) – JACOB TOVAR
  2. Misery Kickin’ In (Steve Pryor) – PAUL BENJAMAN
  3. Jealous Man (Hoyt Axton) – JOHN FULLBRIGHT
  4. Can’t Jive Enough (Jim Byfield) – DUSTIN PITTSLEY
  5. Mona Sweet Mona (Teegarden & Van Winkle) – PAUL BENJAMAN

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