August 15, 2013

This Land Magazine

This Machine stills the metronome. Richard Higgs leads this issue with his search for John Joseph Mathews. Look also for an essay on the Cheyenne Ghost Dance, a new poem by Amy Susan Wilson, and the saga of quite the unlikely couple. Plus, a portrait of one of Oklahoma’s top canine units, and a guide to fall fun in Oklahoma.

SOUNDS BEYOND THE VEIL: A young Paiute gets a dancing lesson from God, a waltz that spread to the North Canadian by the feet of apostles. By Donald N. Brown.

OKLAHOMA BOYHOOD: A poem from behind closed doors. By Amy Susan Wilson.

THE SONG OF THE PLANTING MOON: A roadmap to the home of one of the Osage Nation’s most important writers. By Richard Higgs.

AND THE ANGELS SANG: When the leader of one of Oklahoma’s black churches drove to Arkansas to save souls, Oklahoma’s former Grand Dragon rode shot gun. By Steve Gerkin.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Don’t let Officer Kaiser’s smile fool you. This Belgian Malinois is known on the Idabel Police Department as “the force multiplier.” 

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