November 15, 2010

This Land Magazine

We’re thrilled to bring you the third issue of This Land, featuring some of Oklahoma’s greatest new stories, including “Rumblefish,” the original story by S.E. Hinton, “Grapes of Wrath: A Red Dirt Reprise” by Steve Gerkin, and “Since G-d Was a Boy,” a graphic novel by Peter Bedgood.

THE WHITE DOVE REVIEW: How a group of Tulsa teenagers created a literary legend, by Joshua Kline.

DREAMS OF A BLACK OKLAHOMA: On the trail of the Okie pioneers of Alberta.

DRIVEWAY: An original poem by Ron Padgett.

THE DHARMIC DIRTY OLD MAN: An interview with Allen Ginsberg that was discovered in the archives of Tulsa University.

And many more exciting readings.

Also featuring: cover design by Carlos Knight and photography by Michael Cooper 

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