April 1, 2011
This Land Magazine

April 1, 2011

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Our designer, Carlos Knight, believes that Volume Two, Issue Four of This Land, aka April 2011, may be his finest hour yet. We have to agree that it is indeed a paper-based garden of visual delight, but we’re also quite certain that the amazing stories collected manage to pack an equal punch in the mind’s eye.

OF SPICE AND MEN: The story of Ike’s Chili has been simmering for nearly a century. Mark Brown serves you an amazingly-crafted article about Tulsa’s chili legacy.

GET A HEAD OF STEAM FOR YOUR SELF-ESTEEM: An original story by our generation’s successor to Vonnegut and Heller: Sam Lipsyte, who offers you an unforgettable affirmation that you can carry with you.

UNION BUSTING: Beau Adams has a story for you about an Oklahoma State Representative seeking to disband Union Public Schools, and we agree he’s got a point.

SOUTH BY MIDWEST: This American Life and Slate contributor Russell Cobb returns to This Land to answer your most nagging dinnertime conversation question: Where is Oklahoma?

SOME SERIOUS SHIT: Arlo Murphy reports on the question you don’t want to ask: What happens when you flush a toilet in Tulsa? Plus: All the good things you’ve come to know and love, like Together in Tulsa, goodbye stories, letters from Oklahoman Expats, poetry by great poets, and a walk down Cedar Street.

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