August 15, 2013
This Land Magazine

August 15, 2013

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This Machine stills the metronome. Richard Higgs leads this issue with his search for John Joseph Mathews. Look also for an essay on the Cheyenne Ghost Dance, a new poem by Amy Susan Wilson, and the saga of quite the unlikely couple. Plus, a portrait of one of Oklahoma’s top canine units, and a guide to fall fun in Oklahoma.

SOUNDS BEYOND THE VEIL: A young Paiute gets a dancing lesson from God, a waltz that spread to the North Canadian by the feet of apostles. By Donald N. Brown.

OKLAHOMA BOYHOOD: A poem from behind closed doors. By Amy Susan Wilson.

THE SONG OF THE PLANTING MOON: A roadmap to the home of one of the Osage Nation’s most important writers. By Richard Higgs.

AND THE ANGELS SANG: When the leader of one of Oklahoma’s black churches drove to Arkansas to save souls, Oklahoma’s former Grand Dragon rode shot gun. By Steve Gerkin.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Don’t let Officer Kaiser’s smile fool you. This Belgian Malinois is known on the Idabel Police Department as “the force multiplier.” 

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