December 1, 2010
This Land Magazine

December 1, 2010

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This Land’s Issue Four is a real stunner. Inside you’ll find several letters — one to Zach Harrington from Stephen Brower, one from Carol Elk in New York, and another in the form of a poem titled, “Handwritten Letter 1934″ by Scott Gregory. But there’s more where that came from, including new installments of “Together in Tulsa,” “True Tulsa,” and “Goodbye Tulsa.”

PLANET OF THE MUSHROOMS: Steve Gerkin dives deep into a fungi odyssey and uncovers what mushrooms mean to Oklahoma chefs and foodies alike.

THE FUTURE OF WRITING IS IN MY JACKET: An excerpt from the book, The Late American Novel: Writers on the Future of Books (Counterpoint, March 2011) Edited by Jeff Martin and C. Max Magee. By Michael Mason.

STORE NO. 27 AND THE MAKING OF QUIKTRIP: Like most facets of everyday life, Tulsa area’s favorite gas station and convenience store has an interesting story behind its rapidly opening and closing doors. By Van Eden.

ASYLUM: Venture into the depths of mental despair and the culture shock of  Oklahoma County Crisis Intervention Center (OCCIC) in Oklahoma City. By Jennie Lloyd. 

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