December 15, 2013
This Land Magazine

December 15, 2013

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In this issue, we feature some highlights of the print pieces we published in 2013.


STEVE GERKIN: In addition to three years of writing for This Land as a contributing editor, Steve Gerkin is a university-level wine educator, retired dentist, and amateur chef. During the summer months, the native Iowan quaffs beer at local baseball games.

GORDON GRICE: Guymon native Gordon Grice has written for The New Yorker and Harper’s. “A Stiller Ground” was his second story for This Land. His books include The Red Hourglass and The Book of Deadly Animals.

MARK BROWN: Mark Brown is the publisher and creator of ArgentFork, a quarterly food-and-drink journal based in Tulsa. He’s author of My Mother Is a Chicken, a book by This Land Press, available at

MARCOS BARBERY: Marcos Barbery is the founder of Thread, Inc., an independent journalism platform that produces subject-driven outlets, multimedia projects, and documentaries. He also writes investigative stories and publishes photojournalism websites, such as

ORIGINAL OKIE: Randall Gabrel moved his oil and gas firm to Woodward, Oklahoma. His company is situated beside a life-size stegosaur named StegoLex and a monument of the Ten Commandments.

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