A Voice Was Sounding Vol. 5
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A Voice Was Sounding Vol. 5

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Since 2010, This Land has chronicled life in the middle of America through courageous journalism and heartfelt storytelling. A Voice Was Sounding Vol. 5 represents choice selections from 2014, from reported essays that examine professional soccer to anthropomorphic fetishism to personal narratives that meditate on the significance of both fitting in and being a misfit. The stories collected here are rich, compelling, and diverse, much like the people and places they represent.


This Is My Beloved Son: Richard Roberts should have been heir to his father's kingdom; instead, he crippled a family legacy. By Kiera Feldman.

Wannabe Nation: The life of Iron Eyes Cody, a Sicilian actor who made a living by pretending to be Indian, reveals surprising insights into contemporary Native-American identity issues. By Russell Cobb.

Near McAlester: An acclaimed author muses on the place closest to her heart. By Rilla Askew. 

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