About Us

This Land Press is a Quarterly Magazine from the Middle of America


Over the past several years, we’ve established an impeccable reputation for aggressive and compelling journalism, fiction, photography, poetry and art by acclaimed writers and artists. This Land magazine is available at newsstands and by subscription. Our stories come from the nation’s best writers, artists, and thinkers, but our focus remains on life in the middle of America.


Our home state Oklahoma has a rich tradition of progressive thinkers. The wiry Woody Guthrie blasted his pro-social message across the nation, armed with just a guitar; today he’s a folk hero. From the ashes of deep-seated racial intolerance, Ralph Ellison emerged as one of our nations most powerful African-American voices. Even Will Rogers—the homely cowboy philosopher-perpetuated a friendly mistrust of government.

If you’re like most of us-or like Woody Guthrie-you might be “grumblin’ and wonderin’ ” if this land’s still made for you and me. This Land Press addresses the question by exploring our past and present; we want to be a place where you can sense a new enthusiasm and wonder about life in the middle of America, while remaining critical of the injustices and absurdities that surround us.

Our mission is to illuminate life and culture in the middle of America through courageous, compelling stories. We encourage inclusion, tolerance, equality, diversity, integrity, creativity, critical thought, and stewardship. We believe that by attending to the world around us, we can illuminate our condition for the purpose of enhancing and celebrating its beauty and rectifying its neglect.

When the Columbia Journalism Review announced our presence with their article “Narrative Found,” reporter Michael Meyer wrote, “The significance of This Land‘s expansion—and the fact that it’s being facilitated by a venture capitalist rather than the National Endowment for the Arts—can be best understood as a bet against some of the more demoralizing trends in recent media history.” It’s our sincere hope that our innovations will result in economic growth for our state, starting with greater opportunities for our state’s creative class.