Prairie Apothecary: 8oz. Spray Bundle
Prairie Apothecary

Prairie Apothecary: 8oz. Spray Bundle

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Prairie Apothecary is an experiment in olfactory design. Our all-purpose spray is great for bedding, laundry and room. Experience all 3 unique and intoxicating scents with this exclusive bundle.
  This sweet grass-honeysuckle-earth scented spray is inspired by “Trespassing Oklahoma” by Richard Higgs, which appeared in This Land: Fall 2015:
"Trespassing calls for stealth, stealth brings awareness, and awareness is another word for presence."

  This books-cedar-fire scented spray is inspired by Ralph Ellison: "Good fiction is made of that which is real, and reality is difficult to come by."

  This basil-sage-mint scented spray is inspired by "Wind Cannot Wet, Water Cannot    Dry" by Egunwale F. Amusan in This Land: Summer 2015. 
"We are spiritual beings having human experiences, and our outside world should reflect that awareness."

-8 fl. oz. 
-Made in Oklahoma.
Ingredients: distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, fragrance

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