April 15, 2012

This Land Magazine

“This Machine Remembers” is full of powerful articles that shed new light on the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995. Among the various exclusive articles are:

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BIGGER AND BETTER: This Land publisher Vincent LoVoi talks about the future of This Land and reminds of us our roots.

TOGETHER: Mike Appel and Emily Oakley have found their own private Garden of Eden at their organic farm east of Tulsa.

IMAGINARY OKLAHOMA: In Brock Clarke’s “Rock Shop” a young man and his friend contemplate a move to fair-weathered Oklahoma in the wake of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

IRONS IN THE FIRE: Beau Adams has the scoop on Karsten Solheim, a putter inventor with all the “Ansers.”

MOOD SWING: Steve Gerkin tells the story of famed fiddle-player turned wife killer Donnell Cooley, aka Spade.

OUR OWN PRIVATE AFGHANISTAN: An excerpt from Oklahoma City, the new book by Andrew Gumbel and Roger G. Charles.

WHO’S AFRAID OF ELOHIM CITY: Lee Roy Chapman and Josh Kline pay a visit to Elohim City, the city not on any map.

THE THIRD MAN: Investigative reporter Gerald Posner’s never-before-published story on the hunt for John Doe No. 2.

CITY OF HOPE: An excerpt from Kerry Noble’s Tabernacle of Hate, which explains the links between paramilitary compounds in the Ozarks.

POETRY MONTH: To commemorate National Poetry Month, we’ve got three poems by Markham Johnson, Bill Turley, and Eli Wright.

LETTER FROM NEW YORK: Stillwater-native Sarah Graalman writes about visiting a bar in New York’s East Village named–what else?–Stillwater.

DONE THAT: Natasha Ball writes of her visit to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and Museum.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Jeremy Charles photographs 1-year-old Agnes Taylor. She’s a real cutie and a sixth-generation Okie.

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