August 1, 2011
This Land Magazine

August 1, 2011

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This Machine comes sweeping down the plains. Here’s a gloriously-illustrated issue that combines works of wonder, whimsy and serious reporting. If you already subscribe to This Land, then you know that our broadsheet format gives you an experience you just can’t find online–starting with the magnificent poster-sized cover by our in-house artist, Jeremy Luther.

In this issue, we offer you:

KAFKA’S NATURE THEATRE OF OKLAHOMA: Oklahoma’s connection to Kafka, by acclaimed scholar James Hawes.

HEAVEN AND HEART: THE TENSE PAST OF MICHAEL BEEN: Thomas Conner returns with a good-bye to The Call’s Michael Been.

OF ALL PLACES: Imaginary Oklahoma soars with words from award-winning fiction author Lori Ostlund.

LETTER FROM SOUTH AMERICA: Russell Cobb’s Letter from South America.

GROWING UP A POET: John Brehm on reaching Critical Mass.

ABOARD THE DIXIE TRAIN: Shawna Lewis, breaking tradition with a piece about the post-American Idol life.

LOST IN TRANSLATION: Laura Raphael gets all mushy on Faulkner.

TOGETHER IN TULSA: Rebekah Greiman captures Matthew Edwards and Toni Willis.

THE FOREST THAT ATE WASHINGTON IRVING: Natasha Ball follows Washington Irving where few dare to tread.

ASHES TO ASHES: Gene Perry paints a grim picture of the problems facing Bokoshe, Oklahoma. This issue also acts as the Official Guide to Free Tulsa, and includes a number of lush photos and illustrations that won’t find their way to the web — but you can get it in stores and at Free Tulsa this weekend.

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