August 15, 2012
This Land Magazine

August 15, 2012

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An issue with balls.

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS: How Hominy handled the NFL Champions of New York. By Steve Gerkin.

PRETTY KITTY: A feline poem by Jane Vincent Taylor.

THE TROUBLE WITH HENRY: Dewey High showed solidarity in the days of racial segregation. By Anne Harp.

SWINGIN’ MICK: If Ruth built the House, a hobbled Mantle broke it. By Beau Adams. BALL ‘4,’

TAKE YOUR BASE: The Army wanted to make Mantle a private, but he went to the Majors instead. By Jacob Bohannon.

THE ENDANGERED OAK: A view of trees as common ground. By Spencer McCoy.

SECURE IN OUR HOUSES: How dangerous is Tulsa? Depends on your worldview. By Steve Sherman.

IF YOU LIKE PIÑA COLADAS: How best to escape the NYC summer. By Aric S. Queen.

THAT TRANQUIL PERIOD: The Pre-War days of Benny Owen’s Sooners. By John Joseph Mathews.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Mickey Mantle — womanizer, baseball legend, and Spavinaw native. 

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