December 1, 2012
This Land Magazine

December 1, 2012

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The holidays — and the Holiday Parade — find us emptying our art and story grab bag …

LETTER FROM THE PACIFIC: Jason Westenburg sees Oklahoma in the placid Pacific.

A SENSE OF IDENTITY: With Barnard Elementary in cinders, Jeremy Bailey goes back to his school days.

HIS MOTHER IS A CHICKEN: Mark Brown finds, in his mother’s fried chicken, the coalescence of cook and cooking.

THE RITUAL OF MIMOSAS: Jennie Lloyd chronicles the last days of Sharon Saied.

POETRY: Jenny Sullivan pairs red wine with dark chocolate and nostalgia.

THINKING BIG, DREAMING LARGE: Walt Kosty ponders “East Meets West,” the Route 66 monument by Robert Summers.

HELLO, MY NAME IS: Substitute teacher Aaron Cord Siemers gives his take on Oklahoma City Public Schools.

LETTER FROM NEW YORK: Stillwater native and New York resident Sarah Graalman fended off Hurricane Sandy with bacon and bourbon.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Nathan Poppe photographs Anthony McDermid, a founding principal at TAP Architecture who’s working to revitalize residential life in downtown Oklahoma City. 

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