December 15, 2011
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December 15, 2011

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This Machine papers houses. We finish out the year by tackling a subject we have a little bit of experience with: local publications. Come along as we explore the early history of the Tulsa World and pay tribute to the gone, but not forgotten, Uptown News and Tulsa Tribune. Coming up:

TOGETHER IN TULSA: Roy and Kathy Williams sold all their belongings so they could join the Salvation Army together. Rebekah Greiman has the story.

GOODBYE TULSA: Shawna Lewis says so long to George Matarazzo, one half of “the oldest long-term gay couple in Tulsa.”

IMAGINARY OKLAHOMA: Deborah Willis takes us to the Wailing Wall.

FLIM-FLAMMERY: Lee Roy Chapman checks out the ethically questionable beginnings of the Tulsa World.

POETRY: Mia Wright brings us “Special You’s,” inspired by fellow poet Cheryl Pallant.

BILLIONAIRE’S GARAGE SALE: Josh Kline investigates the mysterious Denver tycoon who bought out OPUBCO from the Gaylord family.

DEWEY’S HOORAH: Rosie LoVoi catches our Dewey Doll cheering on a high school football team.

UPTOWN NEWS: The Uptown News may have gone out of print in 1990, but its presence is still felt in local newspapers today. Holly Wall reports.

ALTERNATIVE VOICES: Holly Wall traces the history of Oklahoma’s alternative newspapers.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATION: OSU waits for a new dawn.

TRUE TULSA: Paul McEntire photographs Brett McKay, the voice behind The Art of Manliness, a blog that proves there’s more to being a man than a high sperm count and six pack abs. 

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