February 1, 2013
This Land Magazine

February 1, 2013

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This machine is boss.

THE NEW REPUBLICANS: Holly Wall headlines this issue with a cover feature on a new batch of Oklahoma Republicans and what it really means to be a red state.

OUR MAN IN COLONIA: Russell Cobb goes to Puerto Rico to find out if it’s a territory, or a state, or a colony.

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: A review of our favorite music (and video, radio, and long reads) of 2012.

POETRY: Jane Vincent Taylor gets nervous about a new law.

ME HEAD: Old prose from the long-gone but hardly lost chronicles of Me Head. And watch new videos of singer-songwriter John Fullbright, Tulsa pop outfits Dead Sea Choir and OK Sweetheart, and the edible idea that is The Living Kitchen. All at thislandpress.com.

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