February 15, 2011
This Land Magazine

February 15, 2011

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Reader, you are in for a delight of the eyes and the mind. This Land Issue Number 6 (a.k.a. Vol. 2, Issue 2) not only delivers a whopping amount of awesomeness, but it also introduces you to people, places and ideas that make you even more excited about life in Oklahoma.

NO PHONES, NO FOOLS, NO FRETS: You have heard rumors about JJ’s Gourmet Burger. But writer Steve Gerkin has the story, and it involves hippies romping in the buff, the invention of Tulsa Tops (a special sort of paper), and a burger despot.

THE CHURCH ON THE CORNER: Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. came to Tulsa. And Justice Marshall changed the tide here too. You’ll get the inside scoop from Joshua Kline and Hannibal B. Johnson.

OKLAHOMA EXPATRIATES: Any of you remember Thomas Conner? He remembers you in his letter from Chicago.

GO FAST, TURN LEFT: Do not piss off rollerderbyist Clara Nipper. She will go fast, turn left, and leave you hurting for more.

BAT COUNTRY: If there’s anyone who can bite you using only a story, it’s Gordon Grice. This time he writes about bats. 

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