February 15, 2012
This Land Magazine

February 15, 2012

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Step behind death’s yellow door with Kelly Kurt, who’s witnessed 16 executions.

TOGETHER: Yiren and James Gallagher eschew a traditional lifestyle to live and breathe art. Rebekah Greiman has the story

SO LONG: The late, great Norma Stone was an expert at knowing the right people. Shawna Lewis speaks to the daughter of this late, great woman to get the details on how Stone engineered her extraordinary life.

A WEEK WITH THE BOYS: Gene Perry reports on a psychology experiment at Robber’s Cave that turned “Lord of the Flies.”

THERE WILL BE “BLOOD”: John Wooley examines the link between the Okie-made “Blood Cult” and the home video revolution.

DEATH’S YELLOW DOOR: Kelly Kurt reports from behind the walls at “Big Mac,” where Oklahoma carries out its execution sentences.

IMAGINARY OK: Author Wayne Koestenbaum has a hunger for a very special sandwich.

THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY: Steve Gerkin remembers the time Tulsa oilman Harry Sinclair went to prison for witness tampering.

POETRY: Niklaus Faith delivers a science lesson in verse.

THE HOUSE IN THE HILL: Natasha Ball investigates Tulsa’s mysterious Cavehouse.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Alexis Newton photographs Frank Roubedeaux, a pow-wow participant.

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