January 1, 2012
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January 1, 2012

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This Machine digs deep into what’s really beneath all those mysterious quakes. Plus, we’re starting the year off right with tales of eccentric evangelism and old-time religion.

TOGETHER IN TULSA: Zach and Jennifer Mangialomini met over poetry, but bonded over religious cults and mental disorders. Rebekah Greiman dishes out the dirty details.

SO LONG: Shawna Lewis says farewell to Tom Parkinson, a familiar, friendly face at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

IMAGINARY OKLAHOMA: Matt Bondurant introduces us to the lost boys of Stillwater.

SILENCE OF THE GOATS: Spring Houghton kills a goat with her bare hands — OK, and a knife.

HOLY FRACK: Ginger Strand dives into the fracking-earthquake debate and uncovers how both sides of the debate come up short.

FRACTURING AND ENERGY: Hannah Wiseman weighs in on the fracking debate, and makes us remember that sudden earthquakes aren’t the only potential disasters at stake.

ODDITIES OF EVANGELISM: Holly Wall explores the art collection of T.L. Osborn, one of Tulsa’s more eclectic missionaries.

DUNK: Isaiah Sheese recalls one of the more physical baptisms in the brief history of Lifechurch.tv.

LETTER FROM EUMSEONG: Jennifer Westbrook gets out of South Korea just in time.

PROPHECIES: John Brehm recalls his meeting with a colorful subway prophet.

DO WHAT: Natasha Ball has the inside scoop on local casinos.

TRUE TULSA: ORU Basketball player Kevi Luper stands tall in the Mabee center. In-house illustrator Jeremy Luther and art director Carlos Knight continue to wow us with earth-shattering artistry. 

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