January 1, 2011
This Land Magazine

January 1, 2011

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It’s a TV-themed keeper! In this issue, Steve Gerkin explains a 1929 photo of an airship floating over Tulsa. Photographer Evan Taylor catches Mayor Dewey Bartlett downing a cold one at McNellie’s. Plus, two new poems by Ken Hada and a portrait of Johnny Polygon by Michael Cooper.

Look, there’s more:

OKLAHOMA EXPATRIATES: Hannah Cooper writes us a letter from Cairo.

GOODBYE TULSA: Shawna Lewis recounts “one of our city’s most daringly eccentric individuals,” Barbara Bartholic (1939-2010).

RETURN TO KORNFIELD KOUNTY: Jeff Martin tells us why Hee Haw, a show that ended in 1992, still matters.

BEFORE THERE WAS COLOR: Teresa Miller talks about her childhood dreams of acting — dreams formulated by watching hours and hours of television with her family. 

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