January 15, 2013
This Land Magazine

January 15, 2013

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This Machine unites workers. We’ve got bees buzzing, cows lowing, singers singing, and naturists stripping. We get a lay of the land with this agriculture-centric issue.

BOTTLED UP INSIDE: A farmer sings the milk cow blues. By Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb.

A SYMPHONY OF BEES: Broken by war, a disabled vet finds a home among hives. By Mark Brown.

HAPPY TRAILS: A naturist’s Eden in an Oklahoma outback. By Ronald Honn.

GHENT BY THE GLASS: In Belgium, there is no (near) beer. By Aric S. Queen.

THE SPIRIT OF TOTEM POLE PARK: Ed Galloway’s phoenix rise from World’s Fair to Okie icon. By Tim Brown.

THE FALLING: New poetry by Preston Wells.

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