July 1, 2011
This Land Magazine

July 1, 2011

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The release of our July issue marks the beginning of our new bi-weekly publication schedule and heralds in our website’s bold new design.

Here’s what in store:

THE REIGN OF CREEPY: Steve Gerkin dives into a time when 6th street was run by the Central Park Gang.

CREATE, CONTROL, DESTROY: Joshua Kline meets a group of men brought together by their shared love of model airplanes–and semi-automatic weaponry.

DEWEY BY THE BOOK: Tulsa’s First Lady teaches our Dewey doll how to read.

MOTHER ORPHA: Natasha Ball risks physical and mental health to dig up the dirt on Orpha’s Lounge.

PEACE OUT: We explore how Oklahoma fairs against other states in the US Peace Index in an infographic by Carlos Knight and Jeremy Luther. . Plus myriad other items that conspire to delight and illuminate.

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