March 1, 2013
This Land Magazine

March 1, 2013

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We’re uncovering Woody Guthrie’s great lost work, House of Earth, with several pages ripped directly from the text and a feature from Thomas Conner chronicling its discovery and relevance.

HOMEGROWN:  A Lincoln, smoke-filled to the headliner, floats down a darkening road in this drag off a new novel-in-progress. By Eddie Chuculate.

HAY IS FOR HOSSES:  What started as a ploy to get girls continues as an homage to family and tradition. By Steve Gerkin.

NONE CLOSER TO THE SUN: An excerpt from the long-lost novel of the Okemah-born vagabond and folk forefather. By Woody Guthrie.

SHEDDING LIGHT: Did the manuscript of Woody Guthrie’s long-lost novel emerge intact with an ecological premonition? By Thomas Conner.

ME HEAD: A TV Guide employee tenders a letter of resignation outlining his intent to leave dry land for high-sea adventure.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Broken Arrow native and musician JD McPherson may be performing at Bonnaroo this summer, but he’s still got time to sit down for a portrait by Sterlin Harjo. 

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