March 15, 2011
This Land Magazine

March 15, 2011

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This Machine packs a real punch. Investigative reports and a superconvergence of Oklahoma-themed letters create a dazzling reading experience that will satisfy your craving for great local journalism.

Have a peek:

THE GOSPEL OF JOHN LENNON: John Lennon claimed he was more popular than Jesus. But he might’ve been a willing follower. Writer Lindsey Neal goes in search of the lost letter that Lennon purportedly wrote to Oral Roberts, and her journey sheds new intrigue on the life of the famous Beatle.

PRIVATE MANNING AND THE MAKING OF WIKILEAKS: Ever been to Woodland Hills Mall? Ever walk into Tulsa’s Incredible Pizza? Then you might’ve bumped into Bradley Manning, the suspect at the center of the Wikileaks story. Reporter Denver Nicks returns to This Land with a gripping new story about Manning, in which we learn about the forces — economic and philosophical — that shaped the world’s most famous would-be whistleblower.

A SENSE OF SOLIDARITY: A new Public Secret from Lee Roy Chapman: Harvard psychological experiment victim turned Unabomber Ted Kaczynski shares recollections of the man he came to know in prison, Timothy McVeigh.

THE FUTURE OF PAPER: Rivka Galchen is back, and she’s contemplating the future of paper. It isn’t what you’d expect.

RED SAUCE AND PULITZERS: You’ll be introduced to Tulsa’s Pulitzer-prize winning photographer, Joe Marquette.

DEAR UNCLE RONNIE: Although Ronnie Roberts died decades ago, his nephew Randy Potts has a letter he’d like to send his way.

PLUS: New fiction from Maya Sloan, your favorite columns return, and poet Dennis McGilvray shares his Nearly Empty House with you, and other tantalizing offerings await you.

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