March 15, 2013
This Land Magazine

March 15, 2013

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This Machine marks the spot for great new narratives about Oklahoma’s hidden literary treasures.

BOOKS ABOUT TULSA: New York novelist and Tulsa expat offers a literary tour of Tulsa.

A BURN SCAR IN THE SHAPE OF THE SOONER STATE: Pierce Smith interviews Ben Lytal about his debut novel, “A Map of Tulsa,” set in a hometown very different from today’s Tulsa.

THE OKTAHUTCHEE CLAIMS ITS OWN: Richard Higgs narrates the drowning death of Creek poet Alexander Posey.

VITRIOL KILLED THE RADIO STAR: John Wooley remembers when radio brought Americans together.

ME HEAD: Playmate profiles, Sunday school songs, and a pep talk from the minds of Me Head contributors, circa 2000.

LISTEN TO RADIO. A LOT: We celebrate the launch of This Land Radio, coming to KOSU March 31, with a note from our publisher, Vincent LoVoi.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Michael Wallis, Oklahoma’s most famous Route 66 connoisseur, graces our back page.

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