May 15, 2012
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May 15, 2012

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Our feature story by Kiera Feldman covers the scandals that have plagued Grace Fellowship since its rise to prominence in the Tulsa area.

TOGETHER: Chris Fellure and Sara Bowersock Fellure had an on-again off-again relationship ever since they were teenagers. Rebekah Greiman writes about how they finally settled down together.

SO LONG: Shawna Lewis says goodbye to accomplished singer Betty Voie.

IMAGINARY OKLAHOMA: Gina Oschner writes of God’s sorrow and dust in her short story “Oklahoma Midrash.”

THE PRISONER OF WILSHIRE BOULEVARD: Laurence J. Yadon and Robert Barr Smith tell the story of how Jackson Burnett, “the richest Indian in the world,” became married to an adventuress.

POETRY: Violence and silence dominate back roads in this poem by Laura Brandenberg.

FOUR YEARS ON THE RACK: Secrets of the war locked up in a shadow box. By Bradford Hill.

MOVING THUNDER: The story behind the power brokers that lured an NBA team to OKC. By David Holt

CRISPIN AND I: Crispin Glover came to Tulsa just in time for the fireworks. By Jeff Martin

ANALYSIS: Alfred Brophy elaborates on his claim that The Oklahoman misrepresented the Tulsa Race Riots

LOSING GRACE: Kiera Feldman tells the story of the rise and fall of a Tulsa megachurch.

POLICE MISCONDUCT: Joshua Kline and Vincent LoVoi write about the most recent police corruption scandal involving allegations of lewd and sexually deviant behavior against Captain Shawn King.

DONE THAT: A pair of free spirits with a thing for food trucks brings you the Waffle Champion. By Natasha Ball

REDEMPTION DENIED: Jimmy Carter writes about the deportation of Jorge Aguilar.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Alexis Newton photographs painter and elementary school teacher Doug Rucker.

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