November 15, 2010
This Land Magazine

November 15, 2010

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We’re thrilled to bring you the third issue of This Land, featuring some of Oklahoma’s greatest new stories, including “Rumblefish,” the original story by S.E. Hinton, “Grapes of Wrath: A Red Dirt Reprise” by Steve Gerkin, and “Since G-d Was a Boy,” a graphic novel by Peter Bedgood.

THE WHITE DOVE REVIEW: How a group of Tulsa teenagers created a literary legend, by Joshua Kline.

DREAMS OF A BLACK OKLAHOMA: On the trail of the Okie pioneers of Alberta.

DRIVEWAY: An original poem by Ron Padgett.

THE DHARMIC DIRTY OLD MAN: An interview with Allen Ginsberg that was discovered in the archives of Tulsa University.

And many more exciting readings.

Also featuring: cover design by Carlos Knight and photography by Michael Cooper 

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