November 15, 2012
This Land Magazine

November 15, 2012

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This issue, we’re blowing the lid off.

CONFESSIONS OF A DESIGNATED HITTER: Russell Cobb talks to Wilbanks Smith, the OSU player who put a jaw-breaking hit on Drake quarterback Johnny Bright, the first black player to seriously contend for the Heisman trophy.

WHERE’S THE MONEY?: Larry Yadon recreates the night Tulsa oilman Walt Helmerich was kidnapped – and hilariously ransomed.

CREATIVE INTENTION: Adrian Brune interviews Centrahoma-born illustrator Paul Davis in time for a retrospective of his poster art.

LETTER FROM BAVARIA: Aric S. Queen, This Land’s favorite globetrotter, meets some strangers on a train.

POETRY: Erin Glanville Brown brings us four seasonal Haikus in “A Year with the Bison.”

HERDING SHEEP: Jennifer Westbrook spins a tale of wool and worship at Shepherd’s Cross.

THEY CALL ME ASSASSIN: Chris Sandel enters the ring with Mikey Burnett, an extreme fighter with a tale of survival.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Deborah Lopez photographs Clea Alsip–a young actress on the rise who graduated from Booker T. Washington High School. 

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