October 1, 2010
This Land Magazine

October 1, 2010

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In an explosive feature for This Land, reporter Denver Nicks goes deep into the life of enigmatic whistleblower Private First Class Bradley Manning. By gaining access to life-long friends as well as Manning’s Facebook account, Nicks illumines the extraordinary makings of the man who put Wikileaks on the international stage. Most importantly, Nicks debunks the commonly-touted media myth: Manning, it turns out, wasn’t the frail, emotional wreck as commonly portrayed.

PRIVATE MANNING AND THE MAKING OF WIKILEAKS: Denver Nicks reveals that Manning was a politically-motivated genius who had a history of addressing the injustices he saw.

GOODBYE BARTLESVILLE: Shawna Lewis remembers Cheryl Babcock as a great entertainer at home and at her job at Shin’en Kan.

RODEO DAZE: “It’s the manure that gets to you.” By Barry Friedman

KILLING TEENAGERS: IN CLASS WITH JONATHAN SAFRAN FOER: Well known writer, Jonathan Safran Foer humors teenagers of Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences. By Joshua Kline

AN OBLIGATION TO OUR OWN: This Land editor, Michael Mason, offers commentary on Bradley Manning.

Featuring photography by Michael Cooper and Rebekah Greiman

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