October 1, 2010

This Land Magazine

In an explosive feature for This Land, reporter Denver Nicks goes deep into the life of enigmatic whistleblower Private First Class Bradley Manning. By gaining access to life-long friends as well as Manning’s Facebook account, Nicks illumines the extraordinary makings of the man who put Wikileaks on the international stage. Most importantly, Nicks debunks the commonly-touted media myth: Manning, it turns out, wasn’t the frail, emotional wreck as commonly portrayed.

PRIVATE MANNING AND THE MAKING OF WIKILEAKS: Denver Nicks reveals that Manning was a politically-motivated genius who had a history of addressing the injustices he saw.

GOODBYE BARTLESVILLE: Shawna Lewis remembers Cheryl Babcock as a great entertainer at home and at her job at Shin’en Kan.

RODEO DAZE: “It’s the manure that gets to you.” By Barry Friedman

KILLING TEENAGERS: IN CLASS WITH JONATHAN SAFRAN FOER: Well known writer, Jonathan Safran Foer humors teenagers of Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences. By Joshua Kline

AN OBLIGATION TO OUR OWN: This Land editor, Michael Mason, offers commentary on Bradley Manning.

Featuring photography by Michael Cooper and Rebekah Greiman

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