September 1, 2012

This Land Magazine

This issue of This Land is all about water—how we store it, how we use it, who owns it, and who wants it back.

OVER THE AQUIFER: Wil Hylton taps into the issues surrounding the diminishing aquifer of the Great Plains.

TROUBLED WATERS: Contributing Editor Ginger Strand puts this history of Oklahoma lakes in perspective.

THE LAST OF KENTON: Sheilah Bright visits drought- and grief-stricken Kenton, a Panhandle town on the verge of losing it all.

JEWEL OF DENIAL: Former Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson recalls a once-pristine Illinois River.

LIKE WILDFIRE: Sheilah Bright grabs a camera and a pen to capture the devastation left in the wake of the recent Creek County fires.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Nathan Poppe photographs Ferris O’Brien, an Okie music enthusiast and owner of the independent radio station “The Spy” in Oklahoma City.

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