September 15, 2011
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September 15, 2011

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Our September 15th issue lets our staff — and our subscribers — come up for air. In the last issue we unmasked Tate Brady, so this time we’re taking a softer approach with some wonderful new writing on Oklahoma.

Let’s take a deep breath and get right to it:

TOGETHER IN TULSA: John and Holly Upthegrove welcome you to twin town, by Rebekah Greiman

GOODBYE TULSA: Shawna Lewis bids a fond farewell to an almost-Mrs. Tulsa.

LIVING WITH 9/11: Bob Dumont wanders New York in the aftermath, Brian Schwartz unearths the “Frozen Zone,” and John Waldron tells us the inspiring tale of the multicultural Miss Hornet.

LOST OLINKA: Holly Wall investigates Olinka Hrdy, the enigmatic artist who inspired Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff, and the potential fate of Hrdy’s missing Riverside murals.

TIGRESS: Laurence J. Yadon takes us on a tour of the life and times of Mrs. Machine Gun, Kathryn Kelly.

IMAGINARY OKLAHOMA: Award-winning author Craig Morgan Teicher delivers a tract on the eternal happiness of whales.

POETRY: Deborah J. Hunter bebops her way across the page with “Jazz on a Diamond-Needle Hi-Fi.”

HORSERACING: Natasha Ball enlightens us about the next big thing that never was.

7-11 REMEMBERED: Mark Brown escorts us down the aisles of Tulsa’s first — and long-gone —7-11.

TRUE TULSA: An unprecedented double feature on drummer Michael “Goose” Dragoo. That, plus a creative cover design by Jeremy Luther, inspired by the work of Olinka Hrdy. 

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